Andrej Drazetic

Portfolio Strategist, Research and Trading

Andrej has joined Doug as the investment assistant in the summer of 2018, following graduation at Cleveland State University. He has taken on new responsibilities regarding investment research, market opportunities, aiding the office staff in day to day operations and managing the client’s accounts with regard to trades, moving money, updating allocations, and reporting. Andrej enjoys conversations and ideas about the vision for the future, and the opportunities that come with it. He concentrates on a long-term market horizon, while simultaneously keeping up with daily trends in the global economy.  


During his time at Cleveland State University Andrej managed a $750,000 real-world portfolio where he learned to create investment strategies, evaluated long-term and short-term investment horizons, provided research reports, and he eventually pitched stocks to the class, instructors, and college board members. At the same time, Andrej enjoyed analytical work in his more secular classes as he discovered other areas of investments in derivatives, financial modeling, currency exchange and corporate finance.


In his spare time Andrej enjoys being active, mostly in sports. He has a history of being a varsity high school athlete. However, his passion is basketball. He plays in multiple basketball leagues in the Greater Cleveland area and often times practices with friends. In addition, Andrej worked for the Cleveland Cavaliers during his time at Cleveland State and was even fitted for a championship ring in 2016; his now most prized possession. Furthermore, Andrej is a first-generation Croatian immigrant and has lived in Ohio since 2001. He enjoys family time, helping the community, and giving back to those who have supported in the past. 

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